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The M.A.D. Encounter


Why Failing Is Important


If you’re a dreamer, entrepreneur, an ambitious person or even just a regular person, there’s one word that we all try to avoid at all costs. It’s not ‘delays’ or even ‘setback’. The word, rather, the feeling, we all dread is – failure. Growing up, we’re taught that failure is a bad. Something likened to losers. A missed opportunity or lack of application. Failed business, relationship, course, loan application. The list is endless.

Though some of that is often true, what we’re not taught, and what we have to learn ourselves within our journeys, is that failure is actually a good thing; if utilised correctly. You see, when looking at it from a positive mindset, what failure really is, is an opportunity to start again. A chance to renew yourself, your ideas, and/or your execution. How many times have you failed at something, only to dust yourself and try again? The renewed determination and belief pushing you to achieve a better outcome. Having it all given to you is sometimes the worst thing you can experience because complacency sneaks in and can cause you to lose focus.

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Patience Is The Key


The pressures of life often leave us feeling average. We have hopes, dreams, aspirations but they don’t always come to pass. We try, and try, and try some more, waiting for greatness to happen. Hoping this time is better than the last. Praying for a change of fortune. But when the good things don’t arrive we’re left to bravely, and sometimes painfully, console ourselves. We soldier on with a valiant face; unwillingly battling the knights of doubt with armour of failure and disappointment.

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Stop Existing & Start Living


Surviving, barely. That’s what most of us do. We live our lives day-by-day, repeating the same old routine just to get by. We put on our favourite brave face each morning (the one that does enough to avoid any awkward ‘are you okay’ questions) and head out the door, not knowing how we’ll fare or what state we’ll be in when we return back home. The pressures of a life slowly eroding away our limited time and our false sense of security. For a large majority, our presence simply exists rather than our lives being lived to the fullest.

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Why Forecasting Your Life Can Lead To Disappointment


A lot of us when growing up think by *insert mid/late 20s’ age* we’ll have our lives together. We’ll have a degree and/or masters, be married, homeowners with a great job and X amount of children. The dream is lavish. Ambitious. But sadly, rarely does it come true. For most of us, the early 20s are usually filled with education, mid 20s confusion and post-university struggle and late 20s newfound solidity and the beginnings of our purpose.

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