I See You

I see you.

You walk past day by day,
lost in a life ruled by a fractured heart,
everyone too busy to feel your pain,
so you die each night, suffocating within.

You keep trying to fly,
but your broken wings keep you falling down,
no one caring about what you say,
so your soul screams a silent sound.

You expose a fake smile to the world,
unaware of the agony dwelling inside,
everything appears okay,
so there’s no reason for you to cry.

You live with hurt and betrayal,
often wondering what it all means,
no one seems to believe in you,
so you fail to see the only person who does.

I recognise your damaged mind aching,
yearning for help.
I see your wounded body shiver,
breathless for reassurance.
I feel your fragile soul beating,
desperate for inspiration.

In spite of the pain, the sadness,
and everything that’s come before,
I see you,
Baby, I see you.

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