It’s not easy these days,
to find a woman with royal ways.
A queen with an Afrocentric self worth,
and a mind full of the gems of the earth.
But when all hope seemed gone,
I found her at the break of dawn.
Stood with her hips wrapped in kente fabric,
my heart said ‘yes’ and my hands ‘I gotta have it’.

In a blink of an eye, the landscape shifted,
and with a few short words, my inner soul was lifted.
“Hi, my name is Malaika”, she said,
with her soft lips a shade of cheery red.
“The way you’re looking and standing like a tree,
“I can tell you’ve been searching for a woman like me”.
Stunned by her upfront nature and syntax,
a took a moment to pause and relax.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Anthony”, I replied,
moving closer to her body with a pep in my stride,
“Excuse me for starring, but it’s rare to see a Malaika,
an angel in London is kind of bizarre”.
She laughed as if she knew the Swahili in the sentence,
this woman was confident with a down to earth essence.
“If you’re so sure I’ve been waiting for you,,
let me take your number and see if it’s true”.

Taking down her digits, I was immediately intrigued,
with her joyful energy; I knew I couldn’t get fatigued.
And sure enough she and I were both right,
as each new convo brought us closer each night.
As the weeks turned to months, things were just fine,
appreciating her beauty, I didn’t hesitate to make her mine.
She was all I ever wanted; smart, funny and sweet,
until a car hit us and she died next to me in the passenger seat.

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