One Day (Revolutionary Dreams)

A million slain,
shot with peace in their veins,
the inconsolable pain,
freedom handcuffed in chains.

Men are dying young kings,
women are slain with Asata wings,
life cut short before hope springs,
families left behind with soulless things.

We live in state where injustice prevails,
investigations blackout the accurate details,
knowledge is suffocated before it exhales,
and disease is passed round like viral chain mails.

The world is sick but no one wants to be a nurse,
despite progress, things seem to be getting worse,
one wrong look and you’ll end up in a hearse,
streets filled with kids after the contents of your purse.

But how long before the tables turn,
when less money is given to war than for kids to learn
for people to value charity more than what they earn,
and babies are born into loving homes that don’t spurn.

This is the future I envision,
race celebrated without divisions,
faith expressed minus derision,
stolen artifacts given pre colonial rescissions.

If we all join together under the skies,
forget our selfishness and our lies,
less mothers will have pain in their eyes,
as more joy will be felt before their children dies.

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