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The M.A.D. Encounter


Dealing With Negative People

No matter your profession, skill, dream, passion or talent, at some point, you will come across toxic people. People who will bring you nothing but negativity to your life – intentionally or unintentionally. People who will enjoy trying to tear you down because deep down they are unhappy and/or hate themselves. So they must make everyone around them feel the same way.

These people can either be an internal force i.e. family members who love to make harsh comments (no matter the occasion) or external forces i.e. friends or work colleagues who always talk negatively about you. Whatever the case may be, these individuals will cause you a ton of problems and stress. It’s sad to say but it’s easier for these people to hate than congratulate.

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Go Forth And Explore

Whenever I meet new people and start discussing hobbies and interests, I’m always quick to mention my love of traveling. Since I was young, I’ve always traveled (thanks, mum and dad) and the passion for exploring has only increased, as I’ve gotten older.

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Key Tips to Help you Get Back Up After Experiencing Setbacks

Life is hard. There’s not disputing that. We all go through difficult and challenging moments that test every ounce and fiber in our bodies. Moreover, in order to get to where we need to be, we sometimes have to hit low points in our lives. Periods of time that test our resolve and challenge us to become better. That’s exactly what happened to me last year.

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How to Decide Between Pursuing Passion or Getting A Stable Job

If you’re a creative individual, the decision to pursue your passion or get a stable job is a hard to choice to make. I say this because I’ve been there (and if I’m honest, I’m still facing that battle now).

On one side, you have this insatiable urge to follow your dreams and do what you love, while on the other, friends, family and even your inner self is telling you to get a job to pay the bills.

If you’re lucky enough, you won’t have to make a choice, as your passion will be good enough to make a living. However, for most creatives, your passion will be good, sometimes very good, but it won’t be quite developed enough to make enough money… Yet.

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