You Can Get Through This


‘You Can Get Through This’ is a motivational book that includes a collection of uplifting poems, positive quotes, and a goal guide and goal planner to inspire and motivate readers to achieve their inner greatness – no matter the obstacles.

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Life is made up of Pain & Purpose; moments that will test your ability to Conceive. Believe. Achieve when things get hard. However, with the right mentality, and the imagination to dream, you’ll be able to Be Yourself and K.Y.R. (Kill Your Fears). And when obstacles stand in your way, you’ll have the confidence to recognise You Can Get Through This if you Look Ahead with faith and the Realisation that you are great.


This book is for anyone facing difficulties or hardship. For the person looking in the mirror thinking, there’s no way out of the pain. No matter what you are facing, ‘You Can Get Through This’ and you will come out stronger on the other side.


Many thanks to Charmaine Lawrence, founder of Just Be Inspired, for assisting with the goal guide section of the book.


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