The Race of Life

In the age of entrepreneurship, social media sensations and young millionaires, a lot of Millennials face the self-inflicted prospect of being successful or face the fear of getting left behind by peers. We see people roughly the same age as us and think we should be on the same level or higher; after all, we’re just as creative and talented.

Everyone wants to be ballin’. Everyone wants to be a trendsetter. Be a well-known star, others look up to and admire (or hate). Someone who effortlessly achieves his or her goals, and sets the bar high for everyone else.

As the generation surrounded by the most technology and digital means, Millennials feel the need to join the race. The great race to get your life together as soon as possible. The internal competition to be better than your friends, people you went to school or university with or the people you follow on social media. The sprint to find your purpose and embark on a memorable quest. If only things were that easy.

As young adults, we often forget that life is a journey. A marathon full of hurdles with an invisible finish line. Some will reach their destination early while others will take a little more time to reach theirs. The winners in both cases are the people who are patient and diligent with their talents and passions.

We’d all love to find our purpose early in life. Certainly, some find theirs and go on to do great things. However, for the majority, the reality is, everything happens in time. And sometimes, we need to experience struggle and hardship to prepare our character for the greatness God has intended for us later on.

My life certainly isn’t where I thought it would be at my age, and I certainly don’t think I’ve found my purpose yet. Nevertheless, I know that I’ve only lived just over a quarter of my life (God willing) and I’m reassured that what has come before is a fraction of the success and greatness that is set for me. Your purpose isn’t something that spontaneously arrives at your feet. It’s a realisation that often takes a lifetime worth of struggle and failure to find.

If you’re still searching for yours, don’t be discouraged or stressed. We’re all running a different race, and it’s only a matter of time until you reach the finish line and claim your purpose. Here are some takeaways when thinking about your purpose:

1) Don’t be disheartened if your life isn’t together right now – focus on your growth and building your character for the greatness to come.
2) Remain patient and hopeful – things take time to fall into place and when they do, you’ll be a better person having experienced the journey to get there.
3) Never compare your life to someone else’s – we all have different journeys and success points.
4) Enjoy the journey you’re on and be open to the lessons and experiences you go through.
5) If you have found your purpose in life, and you’re in a position to help others, be humble and offer your support and assistance.

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P.S. No matter what you’re going through, remember #YouCanGetThroughThis.

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    April 26, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Your most personal blog yet, I love it. Keep sharing your journey with us, you’re inspiring others.

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