Seasons Change

The road to hell is paved,
with good intentions never saved.
And so it seems our affair has reached,
a winter of discontent that can’t be breached.

The once joyful present is now marching,
toward a distant past, with my soul left starving.
The hurt you caused that I restored,
seems lost in your spring mission to go ignored.

I cannot help but wonder where,
you’ll find the love I gave, in your despair.
Anemic to that fact of things,
that I made you fly with golden wings.

But with your mind completely made,
up is where I looked to in the days I prayed.
Hopeful that you’ll find the bliss,
you crave, as you move on without my summer’s kiss.

I once thought we could forever outlast,
time to create a legacy beyond our contrast.
Yet things quickly transform,
into situations that leave you feeling lukewarm.

So I must journey on without,
the person who knew me well throughout.
Shedding an autumn tear on what might have been,
had you not been captured by another’s skin.

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