Key Tips to Help you Get Back Up After Experiencing Setbacks

Life is hard. There’s not disputing that. We all go through difficult and challenging moments that test every ounce and fiber in our bodies. Moreover, in order to get to where we need to be, we sometimes have to hit low points in our lives. Periods of time that test our resolve and challenge us to become better. That’s exactly what happened to me last year.

As previously stated in my Blessings post, 2015 was a bad year for me with personal and work related issues. At certain parts of the year, I was feeling incredibly low and demotivated. Everywhere I looked, people were happy and enjoying their lives while I was stuck in dumps. I couldn’t see how things would change until one day I just woke up and realised ‘life is bad right now; surely once this passes everything will be better’.

You see, sometimes we need to fall to learn how to get back up. We only know out strength when were pushed to our limits. That’s how we develop as individuals. By experiencing bad events, we are faced with two choices – either let the situation consume you or learn and grow from it.

That’s the scenario I faced a few months ago. Despite feeling unhappy with my situation, I knew that things could only get better. I knew that if I could overcome the difficulties and change my state of mind, things would improve. And sure enough, it has.

If you’ve hit rock bottom or is experiencing a low point in your life, here are some takeaways to help you:

  1. Know that what you’re going through is only momentary – it will soon pass and you will soon be happy.
  2. Talk to people. You’d be surprised at how many others are experiencing the same problems as you.
  3. Always believe in yourself and have faith

If you reach the bottom know that the only way is up. Hitting a low point never feels good. But sometimes, it can give you the needed platform to rise up, be successful and ensure that you never end up feeling that low again.

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P.S. No matter what you’re going through, remember #YouCanGetThroughThis.

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