Finding Writing Inspiration

Writing is an oxymoron – a beautiful struggle. There are times where material flows from your mind onto the paper, tablet or laptop. Times where you can write for days on end. Times where you feel extremely satisfied as a writer. Those are the great days.

Then, unfortunately, there are times where writing is like going to war. An internal fight between wanting to write and being devoid of inspiration. The desire to write is there, however, for some reason, the inspiration just isn’t. Consequently, you trying to piece together a poem, a story, a song or essay becomes extremely difficult.

Being in this position is incredibly frustrating. As a writer, having no inspiration to write is like having no air to breathe. Your creative existence caught in a perilous position. I for one, have ‘gone to war’ several times. And unfortunately, there will be several more ‘wars’ I will go through in my writing life.

On the whole, finding inspiration can be extremely challenging; especially with time being a premium due to work, family, and other life matters. Yet, hope is not lost. In the times where motivation escapes your grasp, there are ways to find it and get it back. Simple things you can do as a writer to reconcile with your written love.

Here are some takeaways on how to find some writing inspiration:

  1. Listening to music has a great way of inspiring writers. The melodies and rhythms can capture you and inspire good writing sessions. You can either play your favourite artist(s) or seek out new music.
  2. Reading your favourite books, poetry, blogs or song lyrics can inspire you to write your own masterpieces.
  3. Going through artwork (whether paintings, drawings or photographs) can stimulate your creative energy. The pictures can stay in your mind and help you paint art with your words.
  4. Recalling memorable experiences can inspire you greatly. Self-reflection is a great way of finding inspiration and personal motivation.
  5. Discovering writing prompts that engage you and push you to write. Sometimes, writers need a stimulus, so writing prompts can be a good way of finding inspiration in difficult moments.

Hopefully, a few of these suggestions will help you find your writing inspiration. If one of them doesn’t work, try a variation of two or three different suggestions. Sometimes, one stimulus won’t work as effectively without another.

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P.S. No matter what you’re going through, remember #YouCanGetThroughThis.

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    April 10, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    I experienced this today. I ended up closing my laptop in frustration. I find music definitely helps though!

    Nice post. I look forward to reading more from you

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    April 10, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    I tend to get my inspiration either in the bath or when listening to The Blueprint album; generally speaking my ‘creativity’ playlist always gets me in the zone. Great blog Anthony, keep up the good work!

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